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Barbara's Workshops
About Barbara's Workshops

       Barbara attended training in 2010, accompanied by forty other people from the US. and other countries, who were seeking the same thing growth. Not just spiritual growth but, in all areas in life. The unconditional love, the acceptance and the transformation that took place in this two-day workshop left Barbara with a picture she will never forget. What Peace on Earth could really look like.
These workshops can only be offered by experienced and licensed teacher. Barbara Is the first and, only in the Panhandle of Florida.
   Teachers expand from around the world in Australia, Spain, Mexico, and Argentina.
Teaching people how to love themselves and others.
Barbara is a well-known teacher and motivator. She has touched the life’s of many with her unique style of teaching that not only lights up the room but, creates an atmosphere of safety, as a result peoples hearts open up, they are set free. 

No one walks away from her workshops without a powerful positive change.
Orlando FL. Workshop
Barbara's unique, informative style helped me see, how my 
past has hurt my present, this workshop changed me it was wonderful. 
Thank You 
Maryann Burchen 
Sarasota FL. 

Barbara's enthusiasm and knowledge helped uncover unconscious beliefs about family dynamics, which brought a new freedom.
Thank You 
Audrey Vaidya 
New Hampshire

In a most loving and tender way Barbara's guidance allowed 
me to uncover, and dismiss fears, I have carried most of  my life. 
What price could one place on that ? Free at Last ! Thanks 
Donya Lee Sperry 
Hidden Valley Lake CA.

I reconnected with that little child that was hidden for so long. I don't have to be so grown up after all. 
Thank You 
Susan Holliday 
Walesa GA.

  2-Day Workshop held in Panama City Beach 
I have never attended anything like this before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did not expect to express so much emotion, but I guess I needed to take care of some doors from the past that had been left open. I am so excited about my new positive attitude.
Karen K
Panama City FL.

I really enjoyed the workshop, I learned so much and look forward to my new positive Life.
Page B 
Panama City Fl

Thank You for your sharing and guidance and making us feel so safe and comfortable. I truly do feel I am a changed person from the first day of the workshop. The exercises are very relevant for me to moving forward.
Sherry C.
Macon GA.

“Dynamite comes in small packages” You my dear, are dynamite!! The workshop was inspiring and very meaningful and your darling personality and sense of humor made this experience a joy!
Brenda C.
Panamá City FL.