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Barbara's Workshops
Barbara's Workshops Services

     These workshops are open to all, 
Women and Men Groups
Youth Groups
Individuals and GROUPS
All who wish to live life to it’s fullest.

     The only requirement is a desire to change, and an open mind. The workshop is designed to penetrate the subconscious mind. To help us look inside, and bring to light unwanted mindsets, and believe systems that do not work for our good. It can get very intense at time, working with the three parts that make up the man or women, body, soul and spirit. Please note: First, let me start by saying. This is not a religious workshop. I do not wish to take away from or add anything to, your concept of your God, Your Higher Power, or whomever you believe, that greater power to be. This is not a New Age. We will trust the spirit of God to lead us to what we need.

Because of the intensity and level of honesty revealed in these workshops we ask that certain family members not attended together. These are listed below.
Parents and children.
Husbands and wife’s
Grandparents and grandchildren
We must have a safe place, without fear. In order to be honest.
This is for the safety of all attendance.
No one is ask to do or to share anything they are not comfortable with. No sales pitch here, nothing to purchase.
Just a safe place to get free.

          Barbara is trained for a verity of workshop formats.
 1. One day Love Yourself Heal Your Life Workshop
 2. Two day Workshop
 3. 10 week group
 4. 5 week group using the first 5 sessions of the 10 week 
 5. Part II 5 week group using the last 5 sessions of the 10 week
 6. Three hour workshop on the mind/body connection
 7. Three hour workshop on just affirmations
 8. Three hour workshop on anger and forgiveness.
 9. Three hour workshop on prosperity
10. Three hour workshop on relationships
11. Three hour workshop on career and success
12. Three hour workshop for the inner child
13. Three hour workshop on learning to love your self
14. Three hour workshop on releasing negative messages
15. Find the mate you have always wanted
Coming Soon : He restore's My Soul (Based on a new book by Barbara).

Watch website for upcoming events