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  He Restores my Soul  

What would you do with your life if you could just start over!​

      The search is on for finding the truths of life and for discovering happiness in daily existence, a quest everyone will 
embark on at some point in their lives. However, much of our search is determined by who we are at present,  
If we have the willingness to change to allow God’s help in directing our lives, then we must undergo The Process, the newest guidance book by author Barbara Nethery. 
   Restoring the soul is a lot like restoring a piece of antique furniture. You first have to strip it down to the original material. Then we build a brand life based on truth. Letting go of the past forever,getting right with
our creator,ourselves and others. We are Free at last.I must tell you this is work, but will change your life forever!
  Come alone and let us walk this beautiful thing called;

What others are saying .
Barbara reveals steps and exercises in her excellent book that leads the reader to a life of peace and freedom. In such a simple, yet profound manner, she encourages soul searching in the comforting setting of prayer, for it is not always easy to look inside oneself. The process of recovery is exercised through “getting real”. She takes us through a journey with great compassion that leads us to a renewed self and healthier relationships. A must read for all. Scarlet Harrington, MSW, Pastor of Goodness of God Church, Panama City, Florida, author of God Loves Women

Free at last from forty years of bondage.
I received a four page letter from a man who purchased a copy of the process.
What this man shared brought me to my knees. He began reading the book the first day of purchase. He began to work  the exercises that night and went to bed, that night he dreamed about his childhood something he stated he had not allowed himself to think about in over forty years. He said upon waking he realized he had stop living at age thirteen when he was sexually abused by a priest. His words, it messed me up bad, it left him very confused about life. In and out of Psychiatric evaluations and care, being placed on one medication after another with no avail he decided to end it all. When ask were you really ready to end it all? His answer was yes. He was sure the rest of his life would be the same as it had always been. But thank God it won’t be. He kept saying over and over in his letter. Just as you said in your book. He said he received just what he needed, not what he expected but what he needed. He said that God would give you what you need when the time was right. In closing he said. I know I am on my way to a brand new life just as you have said in your book, and I will work these exercise until I get it. If you want a new life, you must be willing to go after it.

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